The Plant 

The Plant was brought to life in 2018 to connect artists and creatives, so they can share knowledge, create projects and add something new to the current cultural environment. Culture grows because people connect and create together. The Plant has set the goal to enrich artists with a strong international network and provide them knowledge to increase their creative abilities.

The plant is an initiative by artists Daniel Martin, Santiago Pani and Daan Noppen. The artists reside with their atelier in the space of the plant but also organize workshops, events, expositions and other projects like 1606. Facilities on the Plant domain are an atelier, a gallery space and event space.


PaintGuide™ started with one simple goal, to create a forum for creatives from all over the world to share their favourite artists and inspirations with art lovers worldwide. 

Started in 2014, PaintGuide began sharing images of artworks that were inspirations to its founders. As the account grew, an open invitation was proposed to likeminded peers to take over the Instagram feed, to curate and share a week’s worth of creative influences for their respective fans. PaintGuide carried a visual dialogue on the art world’s continuing momentum into the digital sphere. 

Since then, PaintGuide have been busy creating a brand new blueprint to evolve and transform its creative arts community, whilst staying true to its original format. Because of this unique concept and our ever evolving passion, over 150+ internationally established artists had previously partaken in these takeovers, and opening their “sketch books” to the world. With over 350K+ followers and generating huge attention worldwide. With a social media reach of 8.2 million views, 15 million unique impressions monthly, PaintGuide has successfully produced collaborative selling exhibitions and queues around the block to view these phenomena, and an overwhelming crowdfunded campaigned PaintGuide book from its community.  

Art House Holland Residency 

ART HOUSE HOLLAND by PAC is an artist residence located in Leiderdorp, the Netherlands, in a beautiful rural atmosphere, just a short trip away from the big cities like Leiden, The Hague, Rotterdam and Amsterdam. They currently offer the artist-in-residence programs for five artists (2018). They provide private spaces for artists in a nurturing atmosphere for self-directed residencies, providing time, support and room for creativity. 

In 2019 Art House Mexico will open it’s doors extending the international platform of Art House Holland. 

Leiden University

LAK courses is part of Leiden University. The abbreviation "LAK" stands for Leids Academisch Kunstcentrum; “Leiden Academic Art Center”.

At the Lak you can participate in a large variety of artistic and creative courses taught by professional teachers. They offer courses in the following categories: theater and presentation, dance, visual arts, music, photography and writing (literature). All staged art courses come to a close with a final performance at a theater rented for the occasion. These courses will not only help you to further develop your talents but also meet others which share your same passions.

Ars Aemula Naturae

Ars Aemula Naturae ("art competes with nature") is an artists' association with around 90 members. The association was founded in 1694 by Willem van Mieris and Carel de Moor as the "Leiden painting and drawing society". The aim was "to offer visual artists the opportunity to become more proficient in their profession" and "to spread the knowledge of visual arts in Leiden and the surrounding area". Both goals still apply.

Ars wants to promote the quality of contemporary visual arts in Leiden and the surrounding area. By being a meeting place for visual artists and their public, organizing discussions, provide a podium for artists and their work,  and support the the best amateur art practice.